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Thanks to the U.S. Navy, I lived in London, England for a total of five years. Two years the first time, then three years the second time. Here are some pictures that bring out some of the things I saw and experienced while I was there:

This is a shot of Big Ben. I guess this is the best known site to Americans.

It is located at the Houses of Parliament on the Thames River in London

A must see site on a trip to jolly old England

Another common site in London is the Bobbie.

These chaps can been seen all over. Commonly called the Bill by the locals.

Its true they don't carry guns like American police.

But don't get any ideas, there are plenty of special police there that do.

A must see site. This is a shot of Warwick Castle. It is the best preserved medieval castle in England.

This makes for an outstanding day trip from London.

Another shot of Warwick Castle.

Beautiful grounds surround this medieval castle.

This is a shot from one of the towers. Gives you an idea of the size of Warwick Castle.

One last shot of Warwick Castle. There is so much here I could have a web site just on this.

If you ever make it to England go and see it if you have any interest an old castles.

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